I once read that NOW is always the toughest time to get the best investment opportunities, and that sometimes it is anything but easy to make money investing. Now is 2015, and once again Investment Opportunities Under Coronavirus are out there if we can only locate them. Where might we earn money investing in 2015, 2016 and beyond?

People have a tendency to toss the words “opportunity” and “opportunities” around a lot, especially when they are promoting you something (like swamp land or desert properties). For example, “the opportunity for a lifetime” or “one of the greatest investment opportunities I’ve experienced”. Most of us learn sooner or later that real opportunities are the exception; and not the normal occurrence. Let us take this into account while we look for ways to generate money making an investment in 2015, 2016 and beyond.

For those who have a brokerage account using a discount broker the industry of investment opportunities is accessible to you for around about $10 a trade. In one account you can make money investing by making a bet on stocks, bonds, interest levels, commodities; as well as in a wide array of markets, both domestic and abroad. Your broker’s website should offer lots of information to sift through, however it won’t let you know in which the best investment opportunities are usually in 2015, 2016 and beyond.

Here’s a great way to take a look at things: is now usually a good time to look for the most effective investment opportunities, but it may not be a simple time to make money investing. For example, natural gas might look cheap, but it really has been going down in price for several years. Interest rates are near all-time lows, but this has been the truth for many years. However, stock exchange volatility has fallen as stock prices continued to go up. Stocks generally speaking are actually very costly, and super-low interest rates are making bonds expensive by historical standards.

Whatever occur in the markets over the following couple of years, most of the INVEST GUARANTEED PROFIT are offered to average investors by means of ETFs (exchange traded funds) which trade as stocks. In the event you don’t have a brokerage account check out a financial website like Yahoo Finance and sift through the ETF performance section… looking for the best and worst performers for various time periods. You’ll be amazed from the wide range of opportunities available. Now, you have to choose how you need to try to earn money purchasing them.

Let’s examine a couple of extreme examples you could discover during early 2015. The most effective performer over the past 3 years (up 94%) was a Leveraged Equity fund that invests in healthcare stocks with 3x leverage. It absolutely was also up 20% during the last 3-month period. The worst performer was actually a 2x leveraged volatility fund, that was down 90% in the last 3 years and also down 15% over the past 3-month period. Other big losers included: gold stock funds and leveraged inverse equity (stock) funds. The actual question for you is: do you jump on the large winners to earn money investing? Or, will the large losers be the ideal investment opportunities for 2015, 2016 and beyond?

Here’s an actual extreme example from early 2015. The most effective investment over the last 3-month period had been a 3x LEVERAGED INVERSE Oil ETF. It increased 285% (in 3 months). What’s that? INVERSE signifies that as the price of oil FALLS, the share price of this fund goes UP; and 3x LEVERAGED means it is designed to go up 3 times as much (over a percentage basis) because the drop in oil price. This was one of the most effective investment opportunities in the months leading up to 2015, because oil prices then started to fall such as a rock. But after a gain like that, it’s probably will no longer the best investment if you want to generate income in 2015 and beyond. It was hsqqqw’s opportunity.

Alternatively, there’s always the chance that oil prices will rebound strongly in 2015, 2016, or later. If and when this occurs, some of the best investment opportunities will probably be found in oil along with other energy stocks (or ETFs) that fell consistent with the prior drop in oil prices. Timing and anticipation are definitely the tips for locating the Trusted Investment. You can make money investing by jumping on current winners, however the best investment opportunities are frequently found when a modification of price trend begins.

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