What is the Difference between Human Hair Wigs and Synthetic Fibre Wigs? There are lots of benefits and drawbacks for both Human Hair Wigs and Synthetic Hair Wigs. In the past Human hair wigs have invariably been viewed as the superior product and also to this day continue to have several positive aspects more than Synthetic fibres. Nevertheless with advancements in fibre technologies some of the new fibres readily available are offering a more affordable nevertheless really realistic alternative to the actually increasingly expensive Human hair Wigs.

Human Hair


These are very flexible as they can be designed with heat including Hair Dryers and straightening irons which offering you better versatility with regards to transforming the style of Blonde Wig. It can also be dyed or have highlights/foils put via it, even though care has to be used when doing so which is often recommended this be carried out by a professional experienced in dealing with wigs.

Natural and soft really feel of the Hair provides a more practical feel and look. Being all-natural hair ir also moves like your own hair would when impacted by head movement or wind etc..It also does not have excessive sparkle as some cheaper synthetics can have.

With proper care and interest they can last significantly over most artificial fibre wigs – some users report that with a little extra care their wigs last spanning a calendar year, even when wearing them each and every day.


More treatment is necessary to keep up with the wigs, when compared with synthetic wigs as the hair can dry and the use of warmth when design means much more care has to be delivered to keep your hair looking great. They can also be more vunerable to breakage when cleaning and therefore they can need a little maintenance by way of a wig maker which adds to the overal price of the wig.

These wigs tend not to hold their design as well as synthetics so that they need much more design. Should you require the design to possess some wave or curl, you may find yourself needing to re-curl the hair after washing because the curl is not permanent

Artificial Hair


Artificial wigs are more inexpensive since the fibre is easier to generate and hence much more ready readily available and less expensive when compared to high quality Human Hair.

Developments in fibre technologies means that synthetics can look as all-natural and people can frequently find it difficult to tell the difference without having carefully examining the wig.

The much less maintenance required can make Synthetic wigs more appealing to individuals who are burdened by health conditions since they are often busy working with treatment or recovering from therapy to get the time required to care for a Human Hair Wig. Synthetics provide the simplicity of “put on and Go” and quite often only need to have a light combing right after cleaning or perhaps in among wears

Synthetics usually are not as impacted by Humid or Dried out problems. The patient fibres can additionally be stronger compared to the Human hair.


Extreme heat will damage synthetic fibres so you are limited in the quantity of design xulikb can be completed to Bob Wig. Basically whatever generates more than around 60oC will harm the fibre

Synthetics fibre is more prone to abrasion during put on and can require changing more regularly – generally between 4 – six months when compared with 9 – 12 months for Human Hair wigs.


In Conclusion you will find advantages and disadvantages both for Human hair Wigs and Artificial fibre Wigs. So that it really arrives down for your individual wants and needs with relation to the design you want to achieve, the time you might be prepared to allow for looking after the wig along with your spending budget.

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